US Armed Forces
Reflex is the #1 supplier of reflective gear to the US military.
Collegiate Athletes
Athletic Directors are now outfitting their runners with customized Reflex.
Many government agencies trust Reflex safety gear to protect their workers.
Races & Marathons
Super charge races and events with logoed reflective bands and belts. Groups can promote safety and themselves with Reflex.
Sports Shops
Make reflex a part of your customers retail experience. Customize Reflex with your logo.
Kenny Morgan, Alexandria VA
"Every morning my team starts training at 5:30 AM and usually its pitch black outside--so we all started wearing Reflex belts as an extra safety precaution."
Race Director, Cape Coral FL
"We believe in safety when training for races and marathons. I trust reflex to provide visibility for runners during the low light hours."
Margaret McCarthy, Houston TX
"I just ordered a couple arm bands and then discovered the women's sized belts, so I got a few of those too!"